If your team is going

too slow, debug your process

While it's a useful technique, velocity in agile software development depends on how the delivery team uses it. Help your teams ship new products faster consistently without sacrificing everything else you and your team care about.

If you're looking to improve your team's velocity and get the most out of your agile development process, this is the book for you.

Debugging Velocity Features

Estimate Accurately

All the basics of estimation, from why it's important to how it can help your team move faster and more efficiently.

Side-step pitfalls

Common pitfalls, including technical ones, that can trip up even the best-laid plans, and how to avoid them.

Rapid delivery

Get the most out of your agile development process and keep your team moving forward at a healthy clip.

About Luke Szyrmer

Lukasz has managed or participated in remote only knowledge work teams for almost a decade. Most recently, he led a program of approximately 30 distributed across 13 time zones and 8 different locations. Over the last 11 years, he has led teams building software, running marketing and sales, and launched a bestselling book. Remotely. In many cases, with people he never met or spoke to in person. Now that everyone has been thrust into a similar situation, he has been helping remote leaders adapt their style to a remote only environment. He is the author of Managing Remote Teams and host of the Managing Remote Teams podcast.

"An interesting interplay between capacity planning, and ability to 'gameify' the estimate and cracking the whip. Using the tools in the right way gets a better job done."

Phillip Oakley


"Very nice explanation. Thank you so much."


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